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...and how we treat it. Because the value of something is not least defined by how we care for it.  

Golden Bloom is an art conservator-restorer based in Rijswijk/Den Haag offering the following services:

Before/After Restoration:





conservation and restoration


Wooden Objects

conservation and restoration


Commissioned Paintings

and art reproduction



The field of conservation is an exciting playground ... but it also has its rules.

Since 2003, there is an ethical code, made by the European Confederation of Conservator-Restorers' Organisations (E.C.C.O.)


Here are some of its guidelines:

Materials used: The conservator-restorer shall strive to use only products, materials and procedures which, according the current level of knowledge, will not harm the cultural heritage, the environment or people. The action itself and the materials used should not interfere, if at all possible, with any future examination, treatment or analysis. They should also be compatible with the materials of the cultural heritage and be as easily and completely reversible as possible.

(E.C.C.O., Code of ethics, Article 9)

Documentation: The conservation-restoration treatment of cultural heritage should be documented in written and pictorial records of the diagnostic examination, any conservation / restoration intervention and other relevant information. The report should also include the names of all those who have carried out the work. A copy of the report must be submitted to the owner or custodian of the cultural heritage and must remain accessible. The record remains the intellectual property of the conservator-restorer and shall be retained for future reference.

(E.C.C.O., Code of ethics, Article 10)


Advanced training: The conservator-restorer must strive to enrich her/his knowledge and skills with the constant aim of improving the quality of her/his professional work.

(E.C.C.O., Code of ethics, Article 12)


Customer relationship: The conservator-restorer should inform the owner fully of any action required and specify the most appropriate means of continued care. The conservator-restorer is bound by professional confidentiality. In order to make a reference to an identifiable part of the cultural heritage s/he should obtain the consent of its owner or legal custodian.

(E.C.C.O., Code of ethics, Article 17 and 18)


You want to read more about the E.C.C.O. guidelines?

Click here: E.C.C.O. guidelines



About the restorer:



The committed restorer behind GOLDEN BLOOM

Amelie Schwark is a conservator and art historian, specialized in restoring easel paintings and polychrome wooden sculptures with seven years of work experience, trusted by museums, galleries, churches and private clients.  She holds a Master of Conservation and Restoration from the Academy of Fine Arts (Vienna) and a Master of Art History from the University of Vienna. She commits to the E.C.C.O. code and joins workshops and symposia on a regular basis to follow new developments in the field of conservation and restoration.




"My love for art and restoration started at a young age. Growing up in a creative family with a strong connection to (family-) history and many old, inherited portraits and other antiques around me, starting the study of conservation and restoration came naturally to me.  I was also always very fascinated by the different ways people care for their heritage and their possessions; how something that looks ordinary and maybe boring in one household becomes a desireable art object in another. Now that I am a restorer, I love meeting different people with different stories and different relationships to their art works and to make their art object shine again. The most satisfying moments are when I can discover something about the art work that the client didn`t know before - that might make the owner look at it from a new angle." (Amelie Schwark)


"When I can help an artwork to a new, Golden Bloom - that`s when I know I have the best job in the world."

(Amelie Schwark) 



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